1. Public Acts of Drawing

    Public Acts of Drawing is a real-time, art-making event that merges free-form collaboration with large-scale urban spectacle, happening during Northern Spark 2014 at the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza. Participants put pen to paper alongside local artists, dignitaries and a few hundred friends. Drawers of all ages, skill levels and styles are welcome. Over the course of the night, the individual marks of many will become a vibrant lattice of interpenetrated doodles, the Hive Mind documented in graphite and ink.

    Ground Zero for the project is a spacious drawing table, lit through the night by energy-efficient LEDs. Using a GoPro camera linked to a high-powered projector, the draw-a-thon is simulcast onto the side of the Hotel Ivy, turning each small gesture into a heroic act. 

    Schedule of drawing activities

    • Draw your dream MSP

      9:01pm - 10pm

      A skeletal map of the Twin Cities gets overdrawn. With special guest Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.
      Media: Colored pencils and markers.

    • Signs & lettering

      10pm - 11pm

      Drawing inspiration from signs and vernacular lettering.
      Media: Letraset, Stencils, calligraphy pens.

    • Life Drawing

      11pm - Midnight

      Live models sit for an hour.
      Media: charcoal, pencils.

    • Rotation game

      Midnight – 1am

      With a limited set of markers, table participants take turns drawing and continuing lines.

    • Solar Slum / Bodacious Barrio / Hippie Haven

      1am - 2am

      A central foundation sprawls into a giant village.
      Media: Hydraulic markers, templates, cut-outs, glue.

    • Throwback graffiti

      2am – 3am

      A throwback tagging free for all with a hip-hop soundtrack circa 1985.
      Media: Paint markers, sharpies, subway art inspiration

    • Collage

      3am – 4am

      Slice and dice thrifted books and magazines into a big fat collage.
      Media: Scissors, gluestick, laminate.

    • Open Drawing

      4am - 5:26am

      A true free for all as we wrap up the night and step into the morning.
      Media: Everything.